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I used to love wearing heels all the time, and then I started getting terrible foot pain all the time. I visited my podiatrist, and she showed me how much damage I was doing to my feet. She showed me how much better my feet would be able to react if I wore shoes with proper arch support and convinced me to try some sensible shoes. It made such a difference. My boyfriend says I'm a whole new person - a new person who doesn't complain about her aching feet all day long. Now I proudly wear sensible shoes and enjoy my life!

I wear sensible shoes

4 Reasons to See a Podiatrist About Your Toenails

by Jordan Fernandez

A podiatrist is able to treat a whole plethora of foot conditions, such as bunions, flat feet and verrucas. But if you are suffering from issues specifically with your toenails, it can also be helpful for you to see a podiatrist as soon as possible. If you leave toenail issues too long without treatment, you may soon find that wearing shoes becomes unbearable.

Here are just four of the reasons to see a podiatrist about your toenails.

1. You have a fungal infection

You can pick up a fungal infection in places like gyms and swimming pools, where the environment is humid, warm and moist. And once a fungus attaches to your foot, the infection can spread to your nails. Over time, this can cause your toenails to become brittle and yellow. If you leave the condition without treatment for too long, you could end up with a very itchy and painful rash.

You might also spread the infection to others in your household. This is why it is prudent to see a podiatrist immediately if you suspect a fungal infection. A podiatrist can treat the condition and help you to take care of your feet in order to prevent future infections.

2. Your toenails are abnormally thick

Toenails can grow abnormally thick for a number of reasons. Sometimes, the pressure of your footwear is to blame. But a common problem with older adults is Onychauxis, where the nails thicken over time and the nail plate begins to lift away from the nail bed. If you don't see a podiatrist for treatment, your nails could eventually turn red or black and begin to curl.

3. Your footwear is damaging your toenails

The pressure from abnormally tight footwear can also gradually damage your toenails. Over time, the pressure causes micro-fractures that worsen over time and eventually leave your toenails looking unattractive. A podiatrist can examine your feet and advise you on the type of footwear that you should be wearing to prevent your toenails from suffering this type of trauma.

4. You struggle to cut your nails comfortably

If you can't cut your toenails comfortably due to back issues or other health issues, then a podiatrist can also provide you with a professional nail-cutting service. They can also advise you on how to cut your own nails more comfortably in future.

If you have any foot pain, don't leave it to worsen. See a podiatry clinic, such as Peninsula Foot Clinic, right away and fix the problem once and for all.