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I wear sensible shoes

I used to love wearing heels all the time, and then I started getting terrible foot pain all the time. I visited my podiatrist, and she showed me how much damage I was doing to my feet. She showed me how much better my feet would be able to react if I wore shoes with proper arch support and convinced me to try some sensible shoes. It made such a difference. My boyfriend says I'm a whole new person - a new person who doesn't complain about her aching feet all day long. Now I proudly wear sensible shoes and enjoy my life!

I wear sensible shoes

Reasons Why You Need to Book an Appointment With a Podiatrist

by Jordan Fernandez

When your feet are painful, you might not be able to walk or work properly. Besides, you might experience sleepless nights when the pain persists. In such a situation, you may decide to go for painkillers to quell your pain, which is a short-term solution to your problem. The best solution for your painful feet is visiting a podiatrist for foot treatment. These are the reasons why you need to seek podiatry help:

If You've Included Running in Your Daily Exercise Plan

Running is a beneficial exercise that improves your overall health. However, if it's your first time running, you might experience pain in your feet that might affect your daily schedule.

When this happens, visit a podiatrist for a check-up. The expert will examine your entire body skilfully with special attention to your feet. And with their unique skills and equipment, they will offer the best solution to your problem. They might advise you to run for fewer hours or recommend the best type of shoes for your feet.

If Your Feet and Ankle Joints Have Chronic Pain

You might feel pain in your feet and ankle joints when working or walking. In most cases, taking painkillers and massaging the painful joints will take away the pain. However, if the pain is chronic, you might have arthritis. The most common signs of arthritis include swelling and stiffness.

If you don't seek immediate help when you notice the signs above, you might have difficulties when walking or working. It might even lead to disability if the condition worsens. However, when you seek podiatry assistance, you will get the best treatment to eliminate pain in your ankles and joints.

If You Require a Foot Surgery to Rectify a Foot Problem

When you visit professional podiatrists, they will inspect your specific condition on your feet. Then, they will offer the best medication that will eliminate the problem and prevent it from reoccurring. However, if your podiatrist examines your situation and discovers that medication cannot heal it, they will perform a surgery that will enable you to perform different activities without difficulties. A podiatrist has the skills and experience to undertake any corrective surgery that your feet might require.   

If you are in any of the situations above, don't spend too much money buying painkillers that might only eliminate your pain for several hours. Instead, visit a podiatrist for a professional examination to help you get a permanent solution for your specific problem.