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I wear sensible shoes

I used to love wearing heels all the time, and then I started getting terrible foot pain all the time. I visited my podiatrist, and she showed me how much damage I was doing to my feet. She showed me how much better my feet would be able to react if I wore shoes with proper arch support and convinced me to try some sensible shoes. It made such a difference. My boyfriend says I'm a whole new person - a new person who doesn't complain about her aching feet all day long. Now I proudly wear sensible shoes and enjoy my life!

I wear sensible shoes


When to See a Podiatrist: Common Child Foot Development Issues

Attending to all things foot health, among them children's development, succinctly describes what a podiatrist does every day. The foot specialist is trained in diagnosing and treating feet development issues in young children. Some conditions and symptoms may go away on their own as your child continues to grow, while others may persist and may even get worse. You do need to set up an appointment with a podiatrist if you notice the following concerns.